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15 steps to ensure quality in an international moving service (13, 14, 15)


Change Update and Communication

If significant changes occur in procedures, legal requirements, or operations of either company, timely communication is made to the counterpart.

Open communication channels are maintained, and shared documentation is regularly updated to reflect any relevant changes.

Step 14

Termination or Renewal of Agreement 

In case either company decides to terminate the collaboration, prior notice is given to the other party to allow for a smooth transition and avoid any negative impact on customers or ongoing projects.

If there is a desire to renew the collaboration agreement, both companies review and negotiate the terms and conditions to ensure mutual benefit and long-term viability.

Step 15

Legal Safeguards and Liability

A solid legal framework is established, and the responsibilities of each company in case of damages, losses, or breaches during the relocation are specified.

Both companies must have adequate insurance and guarantees to protect customer interests and mitigate any potential risks.

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