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8 Must of a Global Mobility Program for 2024

Global mobility programs must be managed strategically and comprehensively, addressing legal, tax, cultural, and communication aspects to ensure a successful experience for both employees and the company.

Comprehensive Management: It is essential and should address areas such as immigration, taxes, international labor laws, and other related aspects.

Costs and Risks: Global mobility programs can be costly if a comprehensive approach that accurately considers existing costs and risks is not applied.

Integration of Key Areas: Such as human resources, taxes, travel, payroll, finance, immigration, and accounting.

Immigration and Visas: Compliance with immigration requirements, such as visas and work permits, in accordance with international tax and legal considerations.

Tax Considerations: The management of tax considerations, including tax treaties and monitoring employee travel.

Other Legal Aspects: Applicability of non-compete agreements in foreign jurisdictions and the need to establish appropriate legal entities in foreign countries.

Culture and Values: Considering local culture and values when expanding internationally.

Communication and Employee Engagement: Employee engagement and effective communication are essential for the success of global mobility programs.


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