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9 challenges for an int’l moving consultant | 4th Provide customized solutions and flexibility

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In order to sell quality products and services today, it is essential to be able to offer potential customers customized solutions and flexibility. Learn about some of the key actions you need to take to do this:

Detailed assessment of needs

The moving consultant must carry out a thorough assessment of the needs of each client. This implies carrying out a detailed analysis of the goods to be moved, any special requirements, any logistical restrictions and all relevant customs regulations. For example, if a company needs to move sensitive or fragile equipment, the consultant can evaluate specialized packaging options and provide additional protection solutions to ensure a safe move.

Offer additional services

In order to adapt to the specific needs of each client, the moving consultant must offer additional services that complement the main move. For example, if a company requires temporary storage before final delivery, the consultant can offer secure and supervised storage solutions. They can also provide furniture disassembly and assembly services, post-move cleaning services, or even assistance finding a home at the destination. In particular, the relocation service includes several additional services to the move such as the search for a house, a school and the management of the documentation.

Customized advice on customs regulations and documentation

International removals involve compliance with various customs regulations and the management of complex documentation. The consultant must have a deep understanding of these regulations and provide customized advice to facilitate the process. For example, they can guide clients in preparing and submitting required documents, help them understand customs duties and import/export restrictions, and offer solutions to minimize customs delays and issues.

Cost optimization

The consultant should have a supplier base in all stages of the service that allows them to compare prices and services to choose the most effective and suitable one for that particular client.

Comprehensive logistics coordination

In order to provide customized solutions, the moving consultant must have a strong ability to coordinate all the logistical aspects involved in the move. This includes route planning, carrier management, shipment tracking, ensuring proper handling and delivery of goods, and resolving unforeseen problems in real time. The consultant must demonstrate organizational and coordination skills to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for the client.

SOURCE: Transpack International

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