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FIDI Import Customs Guide ARGENTINA

Last updated on 04 December 2022


  • Removal goods - Argentine Citizens Returning

  • Foreigners holding temporary visa (except tourist one)

  • Diplomats


▪ Customs is imposing since mid-2016 additional intensive controls for all import and export moves. Consequently, inspections with anti-narcotics dog teams have become mandatory for all shipments.

Clearance depends on the availability of these dog brigades.

▪ Argentine MFA link where you can get the details of Argentine representations abroad:

▪ Physical Inspection handling charges will apply for all private shipments arriving by Sea or by Land (Not applied for Diplomats).

▪ Estimated charges as follows:

▪ LCL: USD 600

▪ 20FT: USD 800

▪ 40FT: USD 1000

▪ 40HC: USD 1200

▪ Foreigners with a Temporary Resident Visa must import the move under temporary

admission, as follows:

▪ The items must be guaranteed (bonded) for the duration of the visa or a period

determined by Customs when the shipment is released; the Bond and the temporary admission must be renewed before the expiration date.

▪ The goods must be guaranteed by a local insurance company through a Póliza de

Caución (Insurance bond).

▪ If at the expiration date of the Guarantee the visa has not been renewed, the goods

must be re-exported before the expiration date of the Guarantee and the

visa. If a Permanent Residence Visa has been obtained, the goods must be

nationalized the Guarantee will be cancelled without paying taxes or duties.

▪ The Bond system is applicable for all moves arriving by sea, land or air.





▪ This regulation just applies for dogs and cats.

▪ For any other animals, please check before shipping.

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