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FIDI Import Customs Guide MEXICO REMARKS

Temporary Residents & Returning Mexican citizens & Permanent Residents (Residente Permanente)

  • A returning Mexican citizen and or Permanent Residents may have their import documents (visaed Inventories) approved after a minimum of 6 months of living abroad.

  • Visaed inventories are valid only for 6 months after issued date.

  • According to the Mexican laws, in order to be able to import household goods and personal effects free of import duties, the following rules must be followed:

    • The goods must have been used for at least six months and are not intended for resale.

    • All articles must be included in the inventory visaed by the Mexican Consulate. The Mexican government can expropriate any article not included in the inventory.

    • The following articles are not considered HHG:

      • Firearms, ammunition & weapons

      • Liquors, wine,

      • Food,

      • Drugs and medications,

      • Art collections (paintings & sculptures)

      • Money

      • Fabrics

      • Corrosives & cleaning items

      • Tires

      • Automobile’s spare parts

      • Pornography material

      • Articles related to the transferee’s profession (small quantities). PLEASE ADVISE YOUR LOCAL AGENT PRIOR TO SHIPPING

      • Motor vehicles (Motorcycles, boats,

      • cars)

      • Some of these articles may require an import license. Contact your agent for specific information.

  • Shipments consigned to Mexico City terminal are handled by steamship line companies own transportation system.Please contact your agent for them to take care of transportation to avoid unnecessary demurrage charges.

  • THE STEAMSHIP LINES IN MEXICO require a deposit of US$ 1,000 when the shipment is coming into a container.

  • As the Mexican ports, & Customs houses are saturated, the lift-vans and steel containers are placed in the open and must therefore be well protected against rain.

  • Do not ship household goods until all documentation is completed (the airport holds the shipment during 30 days and ports during 60 days only). If the documentation is not presented by that time, the Mexican Government confiscates the shipment.

  • Inform your destination agent on time of the arrival of the shipment at the Customs House of port of entry in order for him to proceed with the import negotiations.

  • Due to legal regulation, the agent does not accept C.O.D. charges. (Only destination charges can come in a C.O.D. basis). All shipments must come prepaid.

  • Shipment must be sent to destination only with the green light from the destination agent, as agents must be sure that the client has the proper and complete paperwork for Mexican clearance at POE.

Diplomats' removals

  • Wines, liquors, canned food, tobacco must have a separated diplomatic franchise to be imported:

    • This is not considered part of the household goods.

    • It has to be listed and loaded into separate crate/lift van to be identified.

    • Both franchises will be required in order to clear customs for both. Otherwise, it will be separated until the diplomatic franchise is obtained.

  • Always check with Agent in Mexico on required documents depending on Port of Entry so you can have the proper formats for each case.

Wedding trousseaux

  • For specific cases, it is recommended to contact your local agent.

New furniture and household goods

  • Only possible for shipments through NVO, Laredo, NOT Veracruz neither Mexico City Airport.

Electrical appliances

  • Brand, model and serial numbers of electrical appliances must be written on the legalised inventory list, sealed by the Mexican Consulate.

Works of Art, Antiques

  • For specific cases, it is recommended to contact your local agent.

Presents, Souvenirs

  • Subject to tax payment.

Motor vehicles

  • Shippers must be at port of entry to clear Customs and obtain the temporary import permit. After, the agent with a power of attorney can do transportation.

  • Customs will grant a permit for the period of validity of FM-3 / Temporary Residents, which has to be renewed before expiration FM-3 / Temporary Residents.

  • Mexicans Citizens / Permanent Residents CANNOT IMPORT autos into Mexico.

Motor vehicles (Diplomats)

  • The agent can take care of car transmission

  • with corresponding diplomatic franchise.

Other vehicles (bicycles, water vehicles)

  • Must be used and only one per person.

Prohibited items

  • If forbidden items are found in the household goods:

    • the clearance of the overall shipment will be delayed

    • extra handling must be paid to take these items out of the shipment

    • these items will be confiscated.

Fumigation of imported and exported wooden crates

  • This does not apply to wood packing materials manufactured of:

    • Raw wood of 6 mm thickness or less

    • Processed wood produced by glue, heat and pressure, or a combination thereof

    • Plywood sheets & agglomerated sawdust sheet

    • Oriented wooden fibre sheet

    • Sawdust & Wooden fibre

  • If you have questions, please contact agents in Mexico or consult the ISPM publication

SOURCE: FIDI Import Customs Guide - Last updated on 14 June 2022

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