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How could Milei's new DNU (Necessity and Urgency Decree) impact international transportation and moving activities in Argentina?

The new DNU issued by Argentina's newly inaugurated president, Javier Milei, announced on December 20, 2023, is a decree of necessity and urgency that aims to reduce bureaucracy and regulation in the transportation sector by eliminating state barriers and restrictions that hinder its normal development. Among the 366 measures contained in the decree, some could directly or indirectly impact the activities of international transportation and moving in Argentina. Here are some of the possible consequences:

  • The repeal of the Land Law could facilitate the purchase and sale of rural properties by foreigners, which might increase the demand for international moving services.

  • The reform of the Customs Code could simplify procedures and reduce costs for the entry and exit of goods and personal belongings into the country, potentially benefiting international transportation and moving companies.

  • The implementation of the open skies policy could increase the supply and competition of airlines operating in the country, possibly reducing ticket prices and promoting tourism and international trade, which in turn could create more opportunities for international transportation and moving companies.

  • The modification of the Civil and Commercial Code to reinforce the principle of contractual freedom between parties and ensure that obligations incurred in foreign currency must be settled in the agreed currency could provide greater legal security and predictability to international transportation and moving companies operating with foreign clients.

The repeal of regulations preventing the privatization of public companies and the transformation of all state enterprises into corporations for subsequent privatization could imply changes in the public transportation sector, such as railways, subways, and buses, potentially affecting urban mobility and access to international transportation and moving services.

These are just some of the possible implications of Milei's new DNU for international transportation and moving activities in Argentina, but there are many other measures that could have direct or indirect effects on the sector. The actual impact will depend on how the provisions of the decree are implemented and complied with, as well as on the reaction of economic and social agents to the change in rules.

These measures could have positive or negative effects, depending on the perspective of each involved party. For example, some might benefit from increased competition, reduced bureaucracy, and greater contractual freedom, while others might suffer from a loss of protection, increased instability, and greater inequality.


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