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International Moving and Relocation - Association Protocol - Step 1 Customer Request and Evaluation

When a potential client expresses interest in an international relocation, the process begins with the moving company at the origin point receiving the client's request. This request typically involves the client's need to relocate from one country to another, along with their belongings.

  • Request Collection: The process initiates when a potential client contacts the moving company. The client expresses their intention to relocate internationally and provides initial information about their move.

  • Information Gathering: The moving company's representative engages with the client to gather detailed information about the move. This information includes: Origin and Destination, Moving Date, Cargo Volume, Special Requirements, Additional Details.

  • Evaluation Process: Once the moving company obtains all the necessary information, they conduct a thorough evaluation of the request. This evaluation involves a comprehensive assessment of several factors:

    1. Feasibility: The company assesses the feasibility of the move based on the provided details. They consider factors such as the distance between origin and destination, potential transportation modes (air, sea, road), and any regulatory or legal requirements for international relocation.

    2. Logistical Considerations: The moving company evaluates the logistics involved in transporting the client's belongings across borders. This includes examining potential transportation routes, necessary documentation, and potential challenges.

    3. Operational Capacity: The company assesses whether they have the resources and capacity to successfully execute the move within the specified timeframe and meet the client's requirements.

  • Proposal Preparation: Based on the evaluation, the moving company prepares a proposal for the client. This proposal outlines the estimated cost, the timeline, the services included, and any specific terms or conditions related to the international relocation.

  • Client Communication: The moving company communicates the proposal to the client, addressing any questions or concerns they may have. This communication aims to provide the client with a clear understanding of the proposed relocation plan and associated costs.

In essence, the "Customer Request and Evaluation" phase involves thorough communication with the client to understand their relocation needs and conducting a detailed evaluation to ensure that the proposed move is feasible, efficient, and aligned with the client's expectations. This initial phase sets the foundation for a successful collaboration between the moving company and the client throughout the international relocation process.

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