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International Moving and Relocation - Association Protocol - Step 3 Planning and Coordination

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Both the moving company at the origin and the selected partner at the destination point engage in a closely coordinated effort to plan and execute all aspects of the relocation. This phase is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful international move.

  • Collaborative Effort: The planning and coordination phase involves a high level of collaboration between the two companies. They work closely together to address every detail of the relocation process.

  • Establishing Direct Communication: A direct line of communication is established between the two companies. This open and direct channel of communication is essential for sharing critical information, updates, and addressing any potential challenges in real time.

  • Designating Points of Contact: Each company designates a specific point of contact to facilitate smooth interaction. These designated individuals play a central role in ensuring that communication flows effectively between the origin and destination points.

  • Detailed Information Exchange: Comprehensive information exchange takes place during this phase. Key details include:

    • Cargo Details: Precise information about the cargo being transported, including itemized lists, special handling instructions, and any unique requirements.

    • Itineraries: Sharing the planned transportation routes, expected timelines, and any stopovers or transfers that may occur during transit.

    • Required Documentation: Ensuring that all necessary documentation, such as customs forms, permits, and licenses, are provided and meet the requirements of both the origin and destination countries.

    • Customs Requirements: Discussing and aligning with customs requirements and procedures in both the origin and destination countries to facilitate a smooth clearance process.

    • Insurance Coverage: Verifying insurance coverage for the cargo during transit and discussing the process for filing a claim in the event of damage or loss.

    • Any Other Relevant Aspects: Addressing any additional aspects specific to the relocation, such as special handling of fragile items, storage requirements, or specific delivery instructions.

  • Timeline Development: A detailed timeline is established for the entire relocation process. This timeline includes key milestones, deadlines, and critical dates to ensure that every aspect of the move proceeds according to plan.

  • Contingency Planning: Both companies collaborate on developing contingency plans to address unexpected situations or challenges that may arise during the relocation. This proactive approach helps minimize disruptions and ensures that a solution can be implemented quickly if needed.

  • Regular Updates: Throughout the planning and coordination phase, regular updates and progress reports are shared between the two companies. This transparency ensures that both parties remain informed and can adapt to changing circumstances as necessary.

In summary, the "Planning and Coordination" phase represents a meticulous and collaborative effort between the origin and destination companies. It involves a detailed exchange of information, designation of key points of contact, and the development of a comprehensive plan to ensure a seamless and successful international relocation for the client.

SOURCE: Transpack Argentina

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