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People traits in the land of Messi

Big cosmopolitan cities vs rest of the country

The pace of life is not the same in big cities like CABA, Córdoba Capital, Mendoza or Rosario. City vertigo is exchanged in many provinces for a good nap after eating.

The treatment and manners of people also change depending on the area of the country you are visiting. The effusive and quick treatment in Buenos Aires becomes leisurely and calm as you move away from the big cities.

Everywhere, one thing is certain, Argentinians will be warm hosts.

On the other hand, the "Viveza Criolla" means that all foreigners are seen as "a walking dollar" and that many locals might want to take advantage of it. Nothing that cannot be solved by being alert and knowing how to discern opportunists from those who are not.

Argentinian traits and habits

In all Argentina but even more in the big cities, there are more bookstores and cafes per capita than anywhere else in the world and people rarely eat dinner until well past 8 or 9 pm.

The most common foods include bottomless BBQ known as parrillas, flaky cookies filled with caramel known as alfajores, and the delicious meat, cheese, and vegetable filled empanadas.

Expats should get used to restaurants and businesses opening later than in their home countries unless you’re from Italy or Spain. Adjusting your sleeping schedule for late nights is a must.

Argentinians are very social, and there are a few norms to look out for.

The first one is kissing on the cheek. Getting close to each other and kissing each cheek is a common greeting here.

The next cultural habit or custom is yerba mate. Every day, you will see Argentinians working, driving, walking, and picnicking with their mate and large thermoses of hot water.

Yerba Mate is a native South American plant with high amounts of nutrients and caffeine. Like green tea in Japan, drinking mate in Argentina is a social custom that you should enjoy.


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