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The 9 challenges of a moving services consultant, point 6: Focus on Risk Management

The focus on risk management involves implementing a series of actions to help generate trust in clients and demonstrate that the moving consultant is committed to protecting their belongings and effectively managing any potential risks.

Implement secure packaging: The moving consultant must emphasize the importance of proper packaging to protect belongings during transportation. This involves using quality packing materials and professional techniques to ensure that items are properly safeguarded against impacts, vibrations, and movements during the move. The consultant can offer specialized packaging options such as reinforced boxes, cushioning materials, and protective wraps to provide an additional layer of security.

Provide advice on international insurance: In the context of international moves, additional complexities may arise regarding insurance. The moving consultant should have solid knowledge of international insurance requirements and regulations and provide appropriate advice to the client. This involves explaining the different types of insurance involved in an international move, such as marine cargo insurance, air transport insurance, liability insurance, and any other relevant insurance. The consultant can collaborate with specialized insurance companies to offer suitable options and recommendations.

Utilize shipment tracking systems: It is important for the moving consultant to have effective shipment tracking systems to keep clients informed about the progress and location of their belongings during transportation. This provides peace of mind to the client, knowing that constant monitoring is in place and the status of their move can be tracked in real-time. The consultant can provide clients with access to online platforms or send periodic updates on the location and status of the shipment.

Have contingency procedures: Despite precautions taken, unforeseen events can occur during an international move. The moving consultant should have established contingency procedures to effectively handle unexpected situations. This may include prompt responsiveness to problems, coordination of alternative solutions such as resource reassignment or adjustment of transportation routes, and transparent communication with the client to keep them informed and provide viable options in case of any eventualities.

SOURCE: Transpack Argentina

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