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Things Moving Companies Won’t Move

Moving processes can be complex and full of challenges, and a key consideration is what items moving companies will not allow to be packed and transported, and the reasons behind these restrictions.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that moving companies have specific regulations and policies regarding items that they cannot transport due to safety concerns, liability issues, and government regulations.

There are several common items that are restricted by moving companies. Flammable materials and combustible liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, oils, and other inflammable chemicals are a definite no for most moving companies, as they could endanger both moving workers and property.

Another important issue is the transportation of living objects or animals. Most moving companies tend to avoid transporting live pets, growing plants, or other living creatures, as they cannot guarantee their well-being during the moving process, especially under extreme temperature conditions and confinement.

Items of value and personal effects are also often on the restricted list. Jewelry, cash, important documents, and other valuable items should be carried by the owner due to their sensitive nature.

Another notable aspect is the restriction of certain chemicals and hazardous materials. Toxic and corrosive products, such as strong cleaning chemicals or radioactive materials, are too risky for regular transportation due to potential damages and environmental risks. There are even international trade regulations that do not allow dangerous goods of any kind, requiring a special license to be able to transport them.

Furthermore, moving companies often restrict liability for perishable items. Elements like fresh foods, delicate plants, sentimental valuables, or fragile electronics may be excluded from insurance coverage due to their susceptibility to damage during the move.

Regarding insurance coverage, it is essential to understand which items will not be covered by the insurance company in the event of damage or loss. Items often excluded from insurance coverage include valuables, important personal documents, previously damaged items or with minor cosmetic damages, and, perishable products.

In summary, moving companies have a variety of restrictions on items that they cannot handle, and that insurance companies will not cover due to safety concerns, liability issues, and government regulations. In addition, it is important to recognize that certain items may not be covered by moving insurance, which underscores the importance of careful planning and packing.


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