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Transpack's president at the IAM Meetings 2022 Conference in Atlanta, Nov 2 - 5, 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

President Cliff Williamson and his wife (and fellow Transpack Argentina shareholder) Marcia

Williamson recently attended two important conventions for our industry. Attendance at these meetings are important to insure close communications and great relationships with fellow agents around the world.

The first meeting was held in Savannah, Georgia for the OMNI network. OMNI is composed of the largest and most important agents from each country around the world. It is a small and close-knit group of agents - mainly presidents and owners of companies- which control lots of tonnage for major accounts and relocation companies. Seventy delegates attended this meeting, and subjects discussed included port slowdowns, US State Department business, and new developments at the port of Savannah, the 3rd largest port in the United States after Long Beach and New York/New Jersey.

Savannah is a lovely southern US city full of beautiful parks and historical buildings. We stayed at the JW Marriott Hotel - The Plant Riverside District on the waterfront.

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