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Urgent: TIMING OF IMPORT - To our esteemed customers and fellow agents

We consider it crucial to share the following info with all of you.

A recent trend has been detected by our teams that may affect the timing of import clearance procedures in Argentina.

We used to clear and release incoming surface shipments in 2/3 weeks.

Recently, incoming surface shipments are taking longer than usual.

Import clearance in Argentina is composed by two phases:

a. Documentary clearance, which used to take 10 days is now taking approx. 3 to 4 weeks.

b. Physical clearance (mandatory customs inspection), which still takes approx. additional 10 days.

The longer timing is being imposed especially to import clearances of shipments owned by Argentinian Citizens returning.

In view of these events, we want to warn our clients and partners regarding two important aspects of these services:

1. It is vital for us to be able to contact transferees regarding import documents before they depart from origin to make sure we align all aspects as much as possible to speed up the import procedure.

2. The total port charges in Argentina are composed of: terminal handling charges, SS Line charges and bonded warehouse charges (equivalent to port storage). The latter charges are increased as a result of customs taking longer to approve the documentary phase.

Proper back ups will be provided in each case and our teams will keep customers and partners informed of each step but please share these news with whoever you consider appropriate.

For any further details, please do contact us.

With kindest regards,

Transpack Argentina Team

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