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Why should you rely on Transpack Argentina as your international moving specialist?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

As a FIDI company Transpack Argentina is a recognized and highlighted specialist in international moving.

When moving to another country, international customers need reliable, seamless service delivery.

The FAIM Quality Certification Programme is a certification programme dedicated exclusively to the international moving and relocation industry.

In order to be FAIM certified, Transpack Argentina complies with over 200 quality requirements covering all aspects of an international move. Every facet of a moving company's operations and services is scrupulously checked, such as operational procedures, staff training, vehicle and warehouse maintenance, data protection and risk and supply chain management.

As a FIDI Affiliate Transpack Argentina have to go through a regular third-party audit of their international moving activities, designed to ensure that they maintain this high level of quality at all times. The audit is performed by independent auditors from EY.

Developed by FIDI Global Alliance

Behind FAIM stands FIDI, the global alliance of international moving and relocation companies. Its goal is to unite quality-minded parties around the world, creating strong partnerships and raising industry standards.

Independently audited

FAIM accredited companies are regularly audited by an independent third-party, currently EY, ensuring that all companies adhere to the same high standards.

Wide-ranging and stringent requirements

FAIM certified companies do not only have to comply with operational requirements relating to the quality of service and supply chain management, they also need to prove they are financially and organisationally healthy.


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