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9 challenges of a global removal service consultant

  1. Staying updated and adapting to market and industry trends. This may include knowledge of new customs regulations, transportation requirements, the use of innovative technology in logistics management, the adoption of sustainable practices, and understanding the specific needs of each sector or industry.

  2. Understanding the client thoroughly: The better you know the client, the more effectively you can personalize the offer and highlight the strengths of the company. Asking the right questions and maintaining open and constant communication with potential clients will help identify areas where the company can provide unique added value. The moving consultant should be proactive in communication, keep the client informed throughout the entire moving process, ensure their needs are effectively addressed, and help them understand the nature of the service so they have a clear overview and can proceed as planned.

  3. Building client trust: In the initial meeting with a new client, make at least one promise or commitment. It can be as simple as promising to call them the next day at a specific time. The consultant must follow through and make the call the next day. Making and fulfilling commitments is one of the keys to gaining the trust of clients.

  4. Providing tailored solutions and flexibility: Every company has unique needs when it comes to international moves. The moving consultant should be able to adapt and offer tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client, such as providing additional services like specialized packing, temporary storage, or assistance with customs management.

  5. Having a reliable network of partners: To provide quality service in international moves, it is essential to have a reliable network of partners in different locations around the world. These partners may include moving companies, transportation companies, customs brokers, insurance companies, and packing service providers. The moving consultant should demonstrate strong relationships with these partners and ensure efficient and secure coordination at every stage of the moving process.

  6. Focus on risk management: Clients want reassurance that their belongings will be protected during transportation and that any eventualities will be handled effectively. Therefore, the moving consultant should highlight their policies and procedures for minimizing risks, such as the use of secure packaging, cargo insurance, and also provide advice on international insurance, and shipment tracking systems.

  7. Offer differentiated value propositions: Building on the knowledge of the client, it is essential to develop clear and compelling value propositions that highlight the unique aspects of the company's services. This involves emphasizing competitive strengths such as experience in international moves, a global network of partners, a dedicated team, advanced technology, or personalized additional services.

  8. Focus on quality and customer service: Moving consultants should emphasize personalized attention, punctuality, efficiency, and ensuring the integrity of goods during the move. Providing testimonials and references from satisfied clients can also build the company's reputation and generate trust among prospects. An effective strategy for this is membership in prestigious international entities in the industry, such as LACMA, RINA, and FAIM.

  9. Develop long-term relationships: Instead of solely focusing on winning individual contracts, moving consultants can strive to establish strong, long-term relationships with clients. This involves a focus on customer loyalty and building trust through consistent quality service and ongoing support. Providing proactive advice, being truthful at all times, being available to address inquiries and concerns, and adapting to changing customer needs will help maintain solid business relationships and generate positive referrals.

Fuente: Transpack Argentina

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