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Germany today: what you need to know

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Industry situation. October 2022

The state for sea freight towards the Arabian Gulf, Asia and Oceania has improved. Containers and ship space are again available and ocean freight rates have become a bit more favorable. It is possible to reserve a container with punctual departure even at short notice.

Unfortunately, this is not yet the case for ocean freight to Canada, the US, Central and South America. There are still very few containers available and very little space on the ships. The lead time for a container with a reserved departure is currently still 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, ocean freight rates in this direction remain extremely high, but more or less stable during the last quarter. More news Covid-19: very few restrictions remain, masks are still required in public transport, hospitals, care centers and doctors' offices, but no longer on planes, in supermarkets, in pedestrian areas or at public events such as concerts, street fairs, parties football etc. Energy crisis: Russia has cut off gas supplies to Germany, which is hitting the country hard. The government has already ordered the first energy saving measures, but here too there is a lot of confusion as the implementation of some measures is proving useless or too costly, eg. You won't be able to take such hot showers and there won't be enough lighting at night. Germany, together with other EU governments, is negotiating to buy (liquid) gas from other countries. SOURCE: Andreas Christ Spedition und Möbeltransport GmbH

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